Why am I up? It is 6:30 in the morning and this is highly inappropriate. You see…I work a cushy job and don’t have to be at work until 9. And that’s early. I only have to be there to present a thank you note to our speaker. Fun times.

What does one do at 6:30 in the morning? Well I typically roll over in bed and sleep for another 3 hours. Today, I’ll contemplate life.


Another list. No, I have not finished the first list, but I enjoy a challenge:

  1. Go to work (c)
  2. Really…find that magazine
  3. Crosss off half the items on the “work” list
  4. Type some minutes
  5. Read some blogs (c)
  6. Take some pictures
  7. Bribe someone (c)
  8. Pay up on a bet (c)
  9. Get a payday clue (c)
  10. Build a pool (c)


Ellusive. I suppose shopping at BN is turning into a Liquidation World experience–“buy it today because it may not be here tomorrow.”

Really. How hard is it to just come up off it and copy some files…pack some boxes…delete some emails. T-minus two weeks and counting until I’m down and out.

So the meeting was about two months ago. I told them I was so the wrong choice for secretary. I think I need to transition into local service instead of national boards. Or at least instead of a national board that I feel I am not being very useful on.


About a month…of Sundays? That’s about how long it has been since I fired some shots. I need inspiration to go out and snap some pictures–particularly those kind that you can bribe others with.

check, sort of



Nap time. I have another two hours before I have to get up.


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