Selfishly…I don’t wanna

There are lots of things I don’t wanna do:

Get up before 8:30 am
Sleep all day
pretend to like people I don’t
be embarrassed

None of these tie together, but I must say that my poor BF is struggling with finding win/win situations where really there are none.

This morning we had an interesting information exchange about bully countries and oil and Collapse by J. Diamond (it’s really not a school book and you really SHOULD read it).

All said, there is a much closer to us real life situation where we just keep giving and giving and getting no compromises or nothing in return. I won’t go into the gorry details (gossipmongers!!) but let me just say that:

1. I will not ruin another person’s special day
2. I will not sacrifice myself for people who would rather die on the sword
3. I do expect friendships to be reciprocal

I’m not going to stress my BF outover whether he should or shouldn’t out of respect and honor to me because he’s a real man and will go there.

I’m not going to make a big deal out of how ridiculously selfish I could be over this…well…ridiculously selfish proposition.

Now that you are thoroughly confused…we will move back to the regularly scheduled program.

United 93.
Bracing ourselves for this one tonight.
Right after Thai Food.
Only because King Fish doesn’t accept credit cards?
Who knew?
Could have sowrn I paid with my debit card there last time
Who carries cash anymore anyhow?

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Just a girl. With a boy. And a dog.
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