Friday? And you’re blogging…

well of COURSE my dears. Although it is actually Saturday now, this is about my wonderful Friday.

Got everyone trained for the LSAT. Gotta love working in a field “on the other side” so that you know just what you need to do to get in on “this side”. Anyhow. Confused myself with that double talk.

Got to do the alumni welcome for my grad program’s graduate dinner this Friday. I always tell the BF that I hate networking and rubbing elbows because I’m just so shy. Really. Okay…then you stick me in a room and it’s dynamite! I preface this by saying that this night was not at ALL about me. BUt it felt so GREAT to be there. It was like going home again. Speaking of which…

I need to get back home to El Paso, TX. Quick. Or not. My mouth is watering for Chicos tacos and I think the BF is starting to wonder just why it is I don’t want to introduce him to my family. Trust me and you both…it is not him. It is not even them. It’s just…yeah.


Last night was fantastic. We had a few people over at his place and we chatted with how those folks from Canada are thoroughly confused. Why not just call them states already? Or the bathroom–not the washroom. It sounds about the same…but really…it is not. Glad that is cleared up.

Had some FANTASTIC stir fry that my BF whipped up. I get to cook tonight. He did last night. I also need to figure out something to do today. Details. Something cultural. I’ll figure it out somehow.

Time to go home and scrap away. OR not.


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One Response to Friday? And you’re blogging…

  1. Keianna says:

    If you’re talking El Paso, TX, I love the mexican food in Tx nothing like it. There fast food is better than most places.

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