On the Road Again…

…I just CAN wait to get on the road again.

But…at least I get to meet all sorts of new people.

So if you are in any of the following areas–you should definitely be in touch as I have plenty of time to take folks out to lunch (hint/hint)! Especially if you might know a great scrap store…I mean…a good place to take pictures in town (smile).

That said, in order (I think) of appearance:

September: Philly and then Mississippi
October: West Texas and NM, Las Vegas, Chicago, Midwest (lots of random states), rest of TX
November: So Cali

Yippee~! I only work half days mostly while on the road and then have LOTS of time to play. Some trips I have photo assignments, some trips I have places to go for things I care about (ie, Mississippi I’m going to be doing some stuff for The Box Project–look it up folks…we need your help). But most trips, it’s about me taking a moment to just chill…

So…today I found Microsoft Tasks. I’m. In. Love. Totally. Well…I am. Not with tasks per se, but they are cool. I already got to click stuff off the todo list! Yippee!

About ready to buy the Thanksgiving tickets–mom and sister and nephew coming back already. well, sister for the first time but the others back. I so am going to love this.

Time to go and eat. And ship. And create. And clean. And just veg out some already. I was way stressing life this morning. I had to take a step back from myself and say “honestly” already.




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