A relationship like that

Issues. That about sums it up. I have total issues going on right now. As in it gets kinda hard to keep days/dates straight. For the longest, since I don’t go into the office on Wednesdays, the Tuesday through Thursday stretch was rough on me. I tell ya. But today…I drove 4 hours roundtrip to the convention that wasn’t. More on that on the B3Designs Blog .

But beyond keeping dates straight…the good of it all is that I have that better half. Not because he makes me feel better after a day like today which, he does, by the way. But mostly because I wasn’t stresssing all the way back from Portland about how I was going to convince him that truly, your Ms. Wonderful is that much of an idiot. Further, even though I calle dhim and left a message at about 11 that I had made this great goof of all times, I didn’t stress in a “oh man he’s going to be trippin'” kind of way when it was 4:30 and I was just rolling back up to the joint. I stressed because I wished I had called to say “I’m okay, don’t call the cops” but he hadn’t done that because he thinks I’m a big girl (I kinda am) and besides…he knows when I’m driving more than 45 minutes (and that is stretching it) that there will likely be some naps in there that shouldn’t be disturbed. I stressed because I wanted to get home to him and hang with him. But I didn’t stress because I was worried that he’d think I was off doing something else.

Love that about him. Love that for the first time in…forever…I’m with someone that really gets me. Gets that I’m with him because I want to be with him…appreciates that we’re together, trusts that not only would I not do anything to jeopardize that but most importantly is secure in knowing that he’s got it on lock down (smile). Solid.

So then. I, evidently, need a scrap break. But that doesn’t mean you do! Head over to Crop Addict and partake in some fun 1 year old party antics. Lots of great prizes given away this weekend. I’m going to tackle my 2Due list and post a list of 99 things I’m grateful for. A play on 99 things that annoyed one of my fave bloggers. I read it, understood it, was down with it…got REALLY down with it and then said “You know what…bet you’d be up with it and happy if you came up with 99 things to be grateful for” so it’s coming…promise. Really. Okay…well…really.


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