It started with a puppy show…

…and damned if we are not serious about buying a house. With a yard. Gulp. He’s still breathing. I’m still breathing. Wow. We shall see. This is going to go fast. Like I like it. But wow. We shall see. I said that already. Okay…where’s my tasktoy…I need to check off some todo things.

So 2peas was down yesterday. And I was late for my “Not 7:30” meeting. And I finally made some progress in reading. And I still need to get shots, but I have managed to get the plants taken care of and the clothes. Now if only I could get to the scrapping. I’m going to clean the place, sort the piles. Find something to eat. Then go look at (gulp) lots. Then talk some more. Then be very happy I got up early enough to read files and be done with that by 10:30. Should try to make it to the post office. Should email those photos. Should charge that cell phone. Maybe should take more pictures. Definitely, most absolutely will call mom. And write those checks. And await that tax return. And…

okay…I’m going to get some food. I need like a big greasy Big Mac. And a strawberry shake. And some…

Gonna go eat a salad. And I’ve managed to talk about my lunch again so this is beyond sad. Stressed? No I’m not stressed, why would I be stressed? Check on the visa status…that’s right…okay…received Monday…done Thursday, back to us by Friday. Okay. One less thing to worry about. Shots…need shots…

Evidently, need to step away from the computer. Wonder if 2peas is still down…


About imanisasa

Just a girl. With a boy. And a dog.
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