Life Catchup

Don’t you love how I blog like once a year and then dump a whole long post on you?  I know huh?  Awesome.

So what is there to catch up on?

Let’s see:

Congrats to Rachel for finally walking that long aisle.  Looking forward to July 30
Uhhmmm…how long have I been married again?  Pitiful
I love our house.  Especially now that we are in full project mode.
I love my job.  Especially because there is LOTS to do, lots of great exposure and so much…PROMISE.
I miss Liisa. Not enough to call her back obviously.  But enough to blog about her.
Finally made the jump to Photoshop cs4.  Can’t believe how long I kicked and screamed and avoided…
DIY home crafty blogs are a huge time suck
But not as huge a timesuck as Age of Empires II (War Chiefs was way too easy until the end and now I’m on Asian Empires…way too tedious)
My flowers are blooming and I LOVE container gardening
Those paintings…still coming along.  yeah, maybe I should just finish something already
house is pretty much puppy proofed
brother is going to Afghanistan for his last tour. Please pray for him, cross fingers, whatever you do
this sister should get to El Paso this summer to see those folks I’ve always loved
and as usual, I should promise to detail this list more, but never get around to it.

of course.


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Just a girl. With a boy. And a dog.
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One Response to Life Catchup

  1. Tamany says:

    I will certainly hold good thoughts for your brother. Jamie, my son was wounded in the first wave into Afghanistan, he has had brain surgery 4 times, and is facing another. In spite of it all he managed to get married this year, to a wonderful girl he has known since high school. I would never have “chosen” for him to become a Marine, especially now. But he would not have done it any other way. As has been his motto his whole life, a disability is a speedbump on the road of life, not a reason to stay at home.

    Be Well.

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