Happy Birthday!

To on eof the greatest, sweetest, most awesome people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  Something cheezy for the “don’t make a big deal about this please” birthday boy:

R: Rooted.  You are strong, know what you want and just sway in the breeze.  Stay grounded.
O: Outgoing. No wallflower, you make and keep friends easily and for life.
B: Beautiful.  You tend to not think it, but you are all around beautiful.  Especially your soul.
E: Enigmatic. [i AM a Cornellian…big words = good]. everyday.  still a mystery that I love puzzling through.
R: Real. Never fake and showy…totally down home “what you see is what you get”.  But also real sensitive.
T: Taken. (smile)  All mine.  Nothing makes me happier in this world

You are my world as I am your’s.  If we live our lives by milestones, often, we fixate on what didn’t happen and/or only remember the days of the big events.  So much of life happens between the milestones.  Don’t forget to live that too.

Love you with all my heart.  Happy 40th!

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I miss…

Lots.  But mostly:

Working only “one job”
Having Wednesdays where I could work from home
Long walks on Alki Beach
Laughing out Loud with him
Going on photography jaunts with him
swimming laps
planning bodacious trips with him
scrapbooking with gluesticks
having an organized scrap room
my mom
my brother
my sister
my nephew
but especially her
shopping at thrift stores
buying purses and shoes
shopping for groceries
kissing the pig every morning
Sushi Fridays
Movie Fridays
Having my own desktop computer
swimming laps
washing dishes by hand
El Paso
jumping in a lake
riding a bike
the Oregon Coast
trips to Mt. Rainier
river rafting
Shorewood Dr.
playing with my pirates
my birth certificate (I know, I know)
Rachel and Alex
Cornell in the springtime
my old boss Sharon
a bazillion JLS meetings a week
my Sunfire
upstate NY
that summer of intense fun and severe heartache (or heartburn??)
black lab puppies that were never mine to miss
wood blinds
baby ducks
Southern California (cannot believe we almost moved there this week)

I miss life.

Yeah, I’ve got a great one and plenty of responsibility to go with it.  But there are bits large and small of life before today that I miss.

Balance would be great again.

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You would think…

…that I would have a ton to say with all that is going on in our lives right now eh?


Gets to a point where one thing means you need to say the other means the other needs to come out and then I get back to looking at the bookshelves and thinking that reading a book would be better than writing a blog entry and…cycles.

No, not those girly cycles.

My general cycles. Sometimes I have to share with the world. Sometimes I have to journal to myself. Most times, it just depends on the mood. And since I’m hungry and will likely need to cook dinner tonight because I didn’t clean and I didn’t go to work (though I put in my 60+ this week), I sigh deeply and go rummage for something to cook.

I need to start doing grocery shopping again.
Still alive. Barely.

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Throw Back Thursday (1/21) – White House Invite

Back in July, I went to DC.

Next Thursday (since blogger and scheduled posts are going to cause me to do damage tonight), I will talk a bit about how I got all party crasher on Frank. This week, let’s start here.

So in DC, Robert being the finance and government geek that he is arranged quite a few awesome events for us. One of those events which required all sorts of background checks which I seriously thought I was NOT going to pass (not that I have history, but I am a member of my family so…) was a tour of the Capitol.

Believe it or not, Robert was actually NOT our tour guide. And though David proved to be super knowledgable, he wasn’t our guide either (though he did fill in quite a few of the gaps/details for me). We actually had a staffer and an intern from Congressman McDermott’s office give us a fantastic tour of…the tunnel. That we couldn’t enter. Because there was a vote in process? And then there wasn’t? So we turned all the way around and went back in the tunnel to check out the children’s artwork from schools across the country and I thought to myself, “I so would rather be in the Senate or the House chamber watching that right now.” Well, because of course we had tickets. To both. And time (before the next gig) to really only do one. I got to choose and chose the Senate since the House was blabbering about God only knows what. Wait. That was the Senate too. All to say I was fascinated and I want that job someday.

We were a bit rushed for time because we had a tour of the White House. Now. I am the world’s biggest West Wing junky. As a matter of fact, I think I just may go watch an episode now. Why yes I have it on standby. Perhaps it is on tivo. Perhaps.

In any event, I’d never been to/inside the White House before. And though there were places I would have rather seen (‘chelle, invite me upstairs girl!), the places I did see moved me. Not to tears (it was just a little something in my eye – maybe some pollen from all those gorgeous fresh flowers). But that I could say “I’ve been there” when I see certain places on tv (okay, on West Wing) and dream about a day when I will officially be invited to an event of some sort there (heck – invite me to clean toilets…I’ll pay my own way AND bring my toothbrush).

Speaking of toilets and toothbrushes, I think IJTU. memories of the flares going off and the punishment for not manning your post from the movie Jarhead just flashed through my mind and I’m going to have to really go puke now.

Bleh. Toilets.

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Throw Back Thursday (1/28) – Congressman! Over Here!

To make sure I’m a better blogger this year (and to ensure that I don’t have to type things over and over and over again and put my computer screen in danger when Blogger does the Blogger thing and continues to make my life miserable), I’m going to schedule posts this year.

Most will NOT be breaking news (I’ll be sure to try and blog those as they happen) but all will be deeper dives into posts like this one which, I’ve really used as a crutch in the past to mind dump, and then completely forget what I was talking about.

If you have a request for a post from one of those lists, just shoot me a line at henderson.bernadette@gmail.com and I’ll throw the order of the universe off if I have a moment and satisfy your stalkerish needs.

So let’s go.

Barney Frank, July 2009
Health Care is all the rage
This past July, Robert’s good friends S & C were getting married. In DC. We had a day before and after the wedding to explore. Because I’m married to the 2nd biggest government geek of them all (love you honey! But S has you beat there) we didn’t just “go to DC”. Oh no. We WENT to DC.
On this day, we had a tour with Representative McDermott’s office. In the midst of taking pictures while we waited patiently for our “not really a tour guide, tour guide” to figure out how to get us back where we needed to go, I looked up on the Cap steps. At the top was a group of important looking men that had just come out of some session. I started snapping photos from afar and Robert turned to look and said, “Give me your camera”. He snatched my hand and we bolted off in a mad sprint (I thought we were going to be shot by the dudes with rifles standing around guarding the building) over to this one dude. Robert says “Is that…?” and I say “Oh crap. That’s Barney Frank!”
I’m still all about “I’ve got great zoom, stop so I can take a picture”. Robert, Mr. I-Used-To-Be-A-Security-Guard sprints right up to Representative _____ (R- I assume) TX and shoves my camera in his hands and says “Mr. Frank, would you mind taking a picture with me and my wife?” Poor Rep No-One from TX is like “dude! I’m a CONGRESSMAN! I don’t snap pictures” but he graciously took the shot above.
Then I had to oblige him with a shot of he and I because Representative Frank was all “Too bad neither of you is from TX because Rep ____[I forget his name] here is from TX”.
I don’t recall if Robert threw me under the bus or if I stepped under it but it was revealed that as a matter of fact, I AM from TX and so…the shot that isn’t posted commenced.
Add this one to my wall of political bliss.
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Going back to ATL…no not Cali

So I’m watching a ridiculous game wondering why my ‘Boys couldn’t confuse Fauvre into the concussed performance he’s putting on tonight. But hey. I ain’t bitter.

Shortly here, I’m going to be heading out to ATL. Back in ’96, I wasn’t there for the Olympics, but I got to run a few steps at Olympic Stadium on the track when I was in town for the Coca-Cola Scholars Finalist weekend.

We can skip right on by the time I was in ATL back in, what…2001 or so for that disasta in hotlanta.

This time, I’ll be there for more noble purposes. My main man up above blessed me with the opportunity to be on the Coca-Cola Scholars National Program Review Committee. That’s what I’m talking about. Just gotta get my ride to the airport on.

In the meantime, I don’t think I’ll be blogging from the road. More like wishing my better half would surprise me and just show up. Being responsible and employed, that’s not in the cards. But every now and again, responsible can take a hiatus right?

Throwback Thursdays are preset so those will still be here so you’ll get more of the DC trip.

Until later…this too shall pass. What a weekend.

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Why Democrats deserved a whuppin’

What. The. F…

Floored. Not that Coakley lost in Massachusets. Because the same thing Obama haters accuse “us” (Kool Aid drinkers) of happened tonight – tell folks some of something they desparately want to believe and holy high water they will take it all hook, line and sinker.

I will never, ever, EVER understand why some folks in this country are Republican. That is NOT a knock on titles and stereotypes and all the rest of the mess (remember, I’ve been accused of being a closet one of them when I start to talking from time to time). It IS a knock on how you could be a down with anyone who was just so violently against your own self-interests.

Back when George ran his own Sunday show and didn’t sell out to ride the early morning couch, he would have great folks on his show. I don’t remember which of the Roundtables it was or who said it, but the only time I came close to understanding how certain folks could be Republican (you know who you are…bare with me) was when he noted that folks tend to vote what they want to be. Democrats vote this idealistic “everyone come together” enlightened ticket because that’s what they want to be. Right before they say something crazy like “well, you know those women can just be so emotional and those blacks on the internets are nothing like you, so I mean no offense”. Seriously. Someone said that to me back in my black power, Barack the Vote days. Seriously.

Republicans vote all “government hands off my money” (that I don’t really have because I’m unemployed and totally relying on the government to pay me unemployment, get me WIC and Food Stamps and provide a bailout so I can stay in the house I never should have “bought” in the first place) because one day they want to be rich.

Never mind that as long as you live in dreamy lala land and as long as you vote for folks who will cut off that helping hand you so deservedly need in your time of crisis, we’ll get this.

More gridlock.

What I AM surprised about is how Martha, also campaigning to be a “first” (she would have been the first woman senator from Massachusets) would so stupidly rely on the very same playbook that didn’t work out so hot for that other infamous she-pol not so long ago. Martha, meet Hillary. Hillary, Martha. Mucho gusto.

I actually think it is a GOOD thing Dem’s lost this seat. Yeah, it will delay health care. But if we actually show up to play the game (hint, Democrats should NOT hire any Cowboys to coach that game because, evidently, there have been a lot of folks missing the bus lately), this is such a sweet victory. Republicans can’t help but to get punch drunk with these “oh this is a referendum on Obama” and go balls to the wall blocking everything. The smart Dem strategist (or hell, the dumb blogger chick) can mine that for days.

I mean really, the economy is starting to tick up and then it comes back to really – who’s the demon for blocking your access to health care? I wonder.

Granted, unemployed, disgruntled folks have a lot more time to sit in line and wait to vote. BUT, if Repubs are going to block everything for the next year or three anyhow, that will get Obama back to doing what he does best – speeches and campaigning and getting people fired up. I like people fired up and engaged. And those Republicans who tell you they don’t are lying. How the hell else do you win a seat like they won in Massachusets if you don’t like folks fired up and engaged. Perhaps even enranged. Guess sick people don’t have the energy to get enraged.

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